Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

This page is dedicated to those that have kindly helped by contributing towards my research work into the tragic events at the Old Palace School. Thank you also for generously sharing this website and my other blogs about the Old Palace School. I could not have done this without you! Your generosity in allowing me to use your photgraphs and notes is very much appreciated.

Special thanks to Author Pat Manning who has written a number of books about the Beckenham area who generously allowed me access to her books for my research. Pat’s books can be found here:

Pat Manning’s Books

Special thanks to my friend Stephanie Maltman who has been a good friend over the years and assisted me enormously with information about the Old Palace School. Stephanie is the Co-Founder and Chair of the charity Firemen Remembered. Firemen Remembered is an independent charity dedicated to recording and remembering firemen and firewomen who served and died in the London Region in World War II. Stephanie has also worked on a voluntary basis in the field of Remembrance, covering the First and Second World Wars and has organised remembrance events, researched, written, spoken and lectured on both subjects, with particular emphasis on Art and Remembrance and the ethics of memory.

Special thanks to the London Remembers website who tirelessly document and record all the historic memorials in London; “The aim of London Remembers is to document all the memorials in London. That’s the plaques, monuments, statues, fountains, etc, that commemorate a person, an event, a building, etc.” A special mention to researcher Andrew Behan who has carried out a phenomenal amount of work for the London Remembers website and has generously allowed me to use his work.

https://www.londonremembers.com/memorials/old-palace-school-ww2-bomb .

My Family History website can be found here:


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