Special Thanks to The Band of Volunteers

A project like this cannot be achieved by working alone and without my band of ‘merry volunteers’, the project would never have got off the ground. I put out an appeal across social media and was astounded at the response, your kindness and generosity in giving up your time so willingly has been amazing. I really am truly grateful to each and every one!

So let me introduce you too my ‘merry band of volunteers’:

My ‘Wing Man’ throughout the project has been professional researcher Fiona Smith and you can contact Fiona here: fionafamilyhistory@outlook.com

Fiona managed to research a staggering thirteen of the Fireman and I could never have completed the project without all her work and attention to detail. Fiona has been researching for about 15 years and lives in Edinburgh close to Register House, the official government resource for Scottish family history research, and the majority of her work has involved tracing Scottish family histories. Not limited to just Scottish research however, Fiona has also carried extensive research in England as well as overseas. Fiona also undertakes lots of smaller research tasks, helping customers to overcome ‘brick walls’, or solving family mysteries. Recently Fiona was able to trace an individual who was last known to have returned from Canada with his mother almost 70 years ago, at 6 weeks old, after they had been abandoned by his father. Although the individual himself had died, Fiona was able to reunite family members from Scotland, England and Canada in an emotional meeting. 

Judith Batchelor – Jude’s blog site can be found here https://genealogyjude.com

Stacy Hawks – From Dividing Ridge Genealogy https://dividingridgegenealogy.webador.com

Jane Hough – Jane’s family history blog can be found at http://www.allthosebefore.org.uk

Kelly Cornwell – From Who Am I Research https://whoamifamilytreeresearch.co.uk

Carolyn Woodruff – Carolyn’s blog can be found here http://www.mychatandthat.blogspot.com

Diana Aitchison – Diana’a Aitchison One-Name Study site can be found here https://aitchison.one-name.net/

Margaret Roberts – Margaret’s Sporting website can be found here http://www.playingpasts.co.uk

Simon Last – Simon’s Genealogy website can be found here www.charnwood-genealogy.com and Simon’s Genealogy blog can be found here www.charnwoodgenealogy.wordpress.com 

Barry Rees from Rees Scott Archive

Sharon Grant – Sharon’s genealogy website can be found here Grantshire Genealogy – https://www.agra.org.uk/sharon-grant-genealogist-in-london

Kathy Wilshaw – Kathy’s website can be found here https://www.kathywilshaw.co.uk

Rosie Rowley

Mark Doggart

Daniel Loftus from Daniel’s Genealogy


Christine Payne

Theresina LLoyd – Theresina’s blog can be found here https://searching4familyblog.com/

Thank you each and everyone of you, your hard work has been greatly appreciated and I could not have finished a marathon project like this without your help. The 34 Firefighters remembered here are indebted to you for helping to remember their lives and the ultimate sacrifice they all gave.

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